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Industrial automation and IIOT

The continuous growth of automation systems in the production sites has been and is possible thanks to the widespread use of networks based on Ethernet connection which facilitated communication and remote control of production processes and verification of the same.
To do this special devices are needed that take into account the particular requirements of the industrial environment (harsh environment) and the need to bring together protocols of the existing industrial automation (legacy) with the new ones (Ethernet).
Sysnet Telematica, with its expertise in Networking, offers Industrial Automation solutions that allow the creation of a solid infrastructure for supervision and control, also allowing inter-work between legacy and new communication protocols through proprietary and non-proprietary gateways; the infrastructure can then be extended to different areas and different types of customers, allowing the supervision of various types of services: security systems (fire protection), video surveillance, remote control, access control, ... using IP technology on a Cloud architecture .
Sysnet Telematica also offers products for IOT solutions for Industrial applications (IIoT), Smart City, and in general where a solution is required for the collection of Data and their publication.

Application examples and possibility of intervention
Reti per sistemi di sicurezza e videosorveglianza
Networks for security and video surveillance systems

Sysnet Telematica offers solutions for "Smart City" where an industrial switch equipped with P0E Power supply facilitates the installation of several connected devices (IP video cameras), aggregating them towards a central control point.

Industrial networks for heterogeneous systems

Through the possibility of connecting multiple switches together, a single central control point can supervise different service realities.

Reti Industriali per sistemi eterogenei
Reti Industriali sistemi di automazione
Industrial networks automation systems
Networking systems for heavy applications
Sistemi di networking per applicazioni gravose
MQTT Broker per applicazioni IoT con LTE Router
MQTT Broker for IoT applications with LTE Router

The new technologies of Industry 4.0 can now be used In designing and building sensor networks to acquire data. The ICR-4103 LTE router is a powerful tool for remote communication that implements different features specifically designed for data acquisition. In particular, the MQTT Broker function allows you to collect data from sensors or more generally from publisher MQTT and send them to all registered subscribers. Configuration is via a simple and intuitive web interface or via CLI. Finally from the point of view of data acquisition, the ICR-4103 implements the ModBus gateway and ModBus-RTU to ModBus-TCP converter functions.

Bypass Unit IBP-202 for intertripping

Modern teleprotection systems in the energy transport and distribution sector are often based on a fiber optic communication system. A typical example is the case of the contact line for railway traction.
In a situation in which multiple electrical substations are interconnected for the local / remote management of the automatic tripping of the extra-fast circuit-breakers (intertripping), the total unavailability of an intermediate substation (B in the example) can interrupt the continuity of the fiber  optics connection on which the teleprotection is based and therefore prejudice the effectiveness of the intertripping system following a fault on the line.
Sysnet Telematica, with its CTC Union partner, is able to offer the IBP-202 product, a fiber bypass unit characterized by high reliability and low intervention time, which can be applied in the fiber optic connections of the intertripping systems for railway networks and subways.

Bypass Unit IBP-202 for intertripping


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