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Conditions of supply

Delivery Terms

Only the delivery terms indicated by Sysnet Telematica in the order confirmation are valid.

Any delays in deliveries will not, in any case, give the Buyer the right to obtain price reductions, payment terms extensions or any kind of compensation.

Any supply conditions other than those indicated herein must be reported in writing on the offer document prepared by Sysnet Telematica

Orders sent to Sysnet Telematica will be  considered accepted only after receipt of the order confirmation by the customer.

Prices and payment terms

The prices shown in the order confirmation are net of taxes, duties, transport costs and any other charges.

Sysnet Telematica reserves the right to change prices and information related to the products displayed, without prior notice.

Any changes in the price lists will not affect orders already confirmed by Sysnet Telematica.

The first orders will be  always processed with payment by bank transfer in advance or cash on delivery,

In the case of consolidated commercial relationships, and only for Customers in the Italy region, deferred payments may be agreed with our sales department,
subject to verification of the case and in accordance with the purchase volumes (Form of payment only by Bank Receipt (Ri. Ba.)  And upon Positive verification of commercial information).

The minimum order amount to obtain the deferred payment is € 3,000.00 (net of VAT and ancillary expenses).

Please note that failure to comply with the payment conditions (reported in our order confirmation and in all tax documents) causes automatic default,
to the official reference rate (ex TUS), increased by seven points and  in addition to a flat rate of 40 euros as compensation for damages

as foreseen by the Art. 5, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 9 October 2002, n. 231, plus any reimbursement of legal expenses.

In the event of unpaid or non-compliance with the terms and conditions of payment, Sysnet  also reserves the right to demand the balance of invoices, even if not expired, to suspend supplies and to terminate existing contracts and / or renegotiate the supply conditions.

It will also be possible for Sysnet  to request compensation for damages.

Delivery and transport costs

The goods are considered as delivered "ex-warehouse" Sysnet Telematica.

The responsibilities and risks of transport are up and only of the Customer, without prejudice to any possible compensation of the same towards the carrier / shipper.
In the event that the Customer refuses to collect the products subject to the sale, all risks, responsibilities and charges for their preservation will be borne exclusively by the Customer.

The ordered materials will be sent mainly in assigned port with a courier indicated by the customer or alternatively prepaid with the costs indicated in the invoice based on the rates listed below
and valid only for Italy with the exception of disadvantaged or remote areas:

0-10kg: € 15; 11-20kg: € 17; 21-30kg: € 20; 31-40kg: € 25; 41-50kg: € 30; 51-70kg: € 35; 71-100: € 60; 101-150kg: € 80; 151-200kg: € 100; 201-250kg: € 150.

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