• Tecnologie per le
    telecomunicazioni e il networking

    Servizi specialistici per la progettazione, realizzazione e attivazione di sistemi di telecontrollo e telecomando.
  • Telecommunications and networking

    Specialized services for the design, implementation and activation of remote control and remote control systems.
Network and plant design

Sysnet Telematica proposes itself to the Italian market as an integrator of data communication systems.
The high level of specialization achieved and the numerous and significant experiences gained over the years allow Sysnet Telematica to offer targeted and effective services to its Customers with the aim of save their technological investment.
The Corporate focus is to study, design, develop and implement modern networking solutions through the creation of dedicated systems for the transport and industrial market in general.
All the acquired knowledge is available to the Customer in the various stages of development of a project such as:

  • Analysis of the requirements for the design of local and geographical networks
  • Product selection for the supply of networking equipment, IP telephony and xDSL systems
  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Definition of network configuration and commissioning procedures
  • Diagnostics
  • Definition of the training activity of installed plant
  • Definition of the maintenance activities of the realized plants.

Network and plant activation

Sysnet Telematica offers its customers  installation  and activation service of new plants carried out by qualified technical personnel.
To be considered as  the natural evolution of the transmission system design activities that characterize our offer of engineering services.

Sysnet Telematica can also act as coordinator of all activities related to the installation and commissioning of new plants, taking care in particular of the relationships between the Customer, the client and the various suppliers and installers.
If necessary, it can take care of the construction of the plant component with the collaboration of different qualified and certified technological partners, throughout the Italian territory.

Technical and specialist support

For the pre and post-sales phase, customers can count on qualified specialist technical support, always available and careful to the operational problems of the systems supplied.
Our Service is always available to offer its customers first-line telephone support of the supplied equipment.

In the case of complex systems, Sysnet Telematics technicians also offer their customers second-line specialist support for analysis of problems or anomalies reported, with the aim of contributing as quickly and effectively as possible to their resolution

Local and remote supervision

Every technological system realized, especially if of medium or large dimensions, needs a supervision system that collects all the status and alarm information in a single point, allowing at a glance to know the operation of any component of the facility.

In this context, Sysnet Telematica also creates systems with secure remote connection and with this it provides a remote equipment supervision service that has the following advantages:

  • Reduces plant downtime costs
  • Improves the efficiency of the production process
  • Real-time notification of alarms or status of progress of production processes
  • Targeted analysis can be performed  on consumption, efficiency and plant shutdown
  • Optimize maintenance operations

Staff training

Since the complexity of the networks or plants realized, Sysnet Telematica carries out training courses for both operating and maintenance personnel for the plants installed.

The courses are normally for a maximum of 10 people and are held at the customer's site.


Sysnet Telematica takes care of the  maintenance and repair service for all the products sold.
The repair service is performed internally in qualified laboratories and controlled by Sysnet to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards. More specific contractual formulas, such as:

  • Maintenance contract with Advanced Replacement
  • Contract for the extension of the Warranty period
  • Pre-agreed price repairs and pick-up & return service
  • Maintenance contract with on-site intervention

Repairs (RMA)

The Customer who needs to return any product purchased for repair must request a return number (RMA) by completing the form that can be downloaded here and following the instructions on this page.

For the period of time necessary for the repair, no replacement equipment will be supplied unless a specific maintenance contract has been signed that includes this service.

Operational rental

Sysnet Telematica offers Operative Rental solutions that allow, against payment of a periodic fixed fee, to have the availability of an instrumental asset for the exercise of one's profession or business activity, without acquiring the property.

This service is suitable for customers looking for a flexible solution, which allows continuous technological renewal, away from the risk of obsolescence of company assets.

The advantages of operational rental

  • Maintenance of liquidity
  • Significant improvement in the credit rating
  • Planning security thanks to constant fees
  • Technology always up to date
  • Available also for limited cost amount equipment, starting from 500 euros
  • Tax advantages linked to the deductibility of fees

The service is provided only upon bank approval.


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