SensorProbe8-X60 – High-Speed, Accurate and Intelligent Monitoring device


At the core of the sensorProbe8-X60 is the sensorProbe8, which is then married with the 60 Dry Contact System.
This offers support for remote monitoring and management of a wide range of external devices.

The sensorProbe8-X60 system enables connection and monitoring of devices like HVAC Systems, Security Equipment, UPS, Generators, Industrial Equipment and much more.

The sensorProbe8-X60 embedded web server makes the addition of these devices easy.
It comes with 8 autoSense Intelligent sensor ports, for connecting a wide range of our intelligent sensors.

An additional 60x 2-wire dry contact ports are provided giving a total of up to 28 dry contact ports.
The specially designed 2 wire dry contact ports are easy to use and allow you to make your own dry contact cables quickly.
The sensorProbe8-X60 is a completely embedded host.
It is equipped with a TCP/IP stack, internal web Server, e-mail and Full SNMP functionality.

SensorProbe8-X60 safeguards your infrastructure, resources and investment from external disaster before it happens.

AKCPro Server Monitoring Platform
AKCPro Server is a world-class centralized monitoring and management software.
Including drill down mapping, drawing program for creating floorplans, graphing, custom dashboards, tablet user interface, synchronization of sensor events with video feeds.


The sensorProbe8 is designed to run for years non-stop.
Our simple port system system allows you to setup the sensorProbe8 within minutes.
  • Fully embedded TCP/IP and web-server
  • Built-in notification features – Email and SNMP traps
  • 8 auto-sense ports for connecting any AKCP sensors
  • A new improved web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring
  • Continuous time feature on every sensor port to eliminate false warning alerts
  • Login for User and Administrator for better security
  • Battery backed time of day clock for an accurate system date and time
  • A standalone product without any external hardware and software dependencies
  • Micro code firmware update over the Internet
  • Customized color configuration for displaying alerts
  • Network Management System Integration
  • An additional 60, 2 wire dry contact input ports are provided, giving a total of up to 68 dry contact port
  • Dimension
    • 44 (W) x 88 (H) low profile design
  • Mounting
    • 2U Rack Mount Standard
    • Rack mount brackets included
    • Compatible with AKCP’s DIN and rack mount trays
  • Power
    • External 5.5V 3A Power Adapter
    • Input Voltage and Current ratings : 100V~240V – 0.22A
    • Optional
      • PoE (PoE is IEEE 802.3af compliant)
      • DCW (40-60V DC power input)
    • Power Consumption typical 1.12Watt, 0.13A
  • Status Indication
    • LED indication for power
    • LED for network connectivity
    • LED for sensor online and threshold status
  • Components
    • Manufactured using highly integrated, low power surface mount technology to ensure long term reliability.
  • Operating Environment
    • Temperature: Min. -35° C – Max.80° C
    • Humidity: Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)
  • MTBF
    • 1,400,000 Hours based on field experience with sensorProbe units.
  • Inputs
    • 8x Sensor Ports for connecting AKCP sensors
    • 60x 2 Wire dry contacts (Input only up to 5VDC and up to 40VDC in onto isolated mode using internal jumper setting)
    • 1x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port
  • Outputs
    • Configurable output signals (0VDC/5VDC) on any of the 8 RJ-45 sensor ports

Codici d'Ordine

Modelli Disponibili 
  • SP8-X60


Deploying a DCIM in your data center is easy!

The AKCP SensorProbe8-X60 is a “DCIM in a box” solution with embedded AKCPro Server. Monitor all your network enabled devices such as intelligent PDU’s, UPS’s, rectifiers and CRAC units. Supports SNMP, Ping and Modbus TCP/IP virtual sensors. Add sensors connected to AKCP base units for a complete end to end data center monitoring solution.

Tablet View

The SensorProbe8-X60 has a dedicated tablet view user interface, allowing you to monitor your data center stats with drill down mapping from custom desktops over Wi-Fi while roaming your data center. This allows technicians on the ground to be updated realtime and respond to critical alerts immediately.

Floorplan to Cabinet Mapping

AKCPro Server has a simple drawing program to allow you to quickly create floorplan views of your data center, drag and drop sensors into their relevant locations and drill down from a building-wide to the individual cabinet. The mapping user interface can be accessed from a desktop PC or on the roaming tablet view. For containment systems, AKCPro Server has containment map views that utilize data from several sensors including our cabinet analysis sensors for thermal mapping and differential pressure monitoring.

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